B3LA was supposed to be a trainer/light attack aircraft that was to replace the SAAB SK 60 and complement the SAAB AJ 37 Viggen in the Swedish Air Force in the 80′s. The project was cancelled in 1978 when it … Continue reading

Illustrations and logotypes

During my long career I have been doing all kinds of illustrations, from logotypes to 3D visualisations. These are some of my more recent works.


Have camera, will travel.

Iconic work

Home Arena We have developed a web based platform for use with IPTV or a special touch display installed in an apartment, offering the residents a tool to check their energy consumption, the weather, traffic situation and other services. At … Continue reading

Application design

I have designed application mock-ups that has been used during development to explore ways of displaying data, user work flow and general usability issues.

Web design

I have been working with the web since 1997, and I know HTML and CSS very well. I have worked with various CMS systems. The ones I have worked the most with are Sava/Mura, ModX and last, but not least, … Continue reading

Printed material

I have produced brochures, folders, adverts, signs, flags, roll ups, forms, diplomas, letterheads, business cards, packing materials, T-shirts, posters, flyers.. I even once got to design the livery of an airline.